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Frequently Asked Questions

Help Is my data private and secure? Your data is stored on your iPhone in the documents area of the app itself. It is not sent to a server, either ours or anyone else's. The documents area of the app is within a Sandboxed Container and other apps or users will not be able to access it. The data can be backed up when you Sync your device with iTunes.
Help How do I get my data off the device? When you are ready to collect the data from the device you simply press an export button which creates an email with the data as attachments in CSV, text and PDF format. On devices that do not have email the data is copied to the clipboard, from which it may be pasted into a Webmail (e.g. Hotmail) email in Safari.
Help Do the forms work on an iPad as well as an iPhone? Yes, you can both design and run forms on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices.
Help Can I use my form to sell things? You can set up your form with images of things you want to sell, like artwork or photography, or anything else for that matter. List items are good for this as they have an image and text and can link to a detailed page. List items are the backbone of a huge number of apps. You could use the form to take orders for processing later, or to take a payment from a user straight away you could set up a web page control and point it at PayPay.
Help Can I set my own background image? Yes you can, use the image manager to do this. It is best to have two images, one for Portrait mode (784 pixels wide and 1004 high, or thereabouts for iPhone), and one for Landscape (1024 by 748 for iPhone). Use the Page Settings to link these images to the page.
Help How do I add my Logo to a page? To add a logo, simply include it in your own background image.
Help How do I add a map? Drag in a map control and change its settings. You can move the map and zoom in and out, the app will remember the Design mode settings and show your map like this in Run mode. You can add pins by pressing on a spot on the map, a pin will be created there. You can change the name for the pin, and its color. You can also enter a Tag code for the pin. The Tag should match a Tag set on one of your pages. Then when a user presses the pin, the page will automatically be scrolled to. Magic!
Help How do I add a web site? Just add a web control to a form page and change the web page address.
Help How do I add a video? Add a Video Player control to your form and point it to an internet URL where the video file is held. The video will be downloaded and stored locally. You can play it whenever you like, no internet connection is needed (you only need an internet connection for the initial download).
Help How do I add audio? Use the Video player control to download and play audio, just like for a video.
Help Do you provide email support? We are not able to give general support via email, this allows us to keep the purchase price down to a minimum.

Copying forms between devices

Export Export Once you have designed and tested a form on a device, you can copy it to as many other devices with the app as you like. This is very useful when setting up questionnaires that need to run on many iPhones at an event. The form is first exported from the source device, then imported into the target device. The exported data is in XML format, this looks like structured text. It is important not to change this text yourself, as the structure and text needs to be interpreted when imported into the target device. If you have email set up on your source device, the XML will be exported in the body of the email. If you do not have email set up, the xml will be copied to the clipboard, you will then need to go to safari and launch your online email system (e.g. Hotmail or GMail), create an email and paste the XML into the email body. You can then send the email to an account that can be picked up by the target device. You don't have to use email, you may have another way of copying text between devices.
Import Import This button appears on the top bar of the form list page. You can import a form that was previously exported from another device. The imported form needs to be pasted into the app in XML format, exactly as it was exported. Launch your email system, find the email sent from the source device, and copy the email contents to the clipboard. Press the import button in our app and you will see an area where the copied XML needs to be pasted.

Quick Reference: Running Forms

Run Run This lets you fill in data that can then be seen on the responses page.
Responses Responses Data entered into a form can be seen using this button.

Designing Forms

Clone Clone You can clone one of our examples and edit it to meet your needs. Example forms cannot be changed directly.
Design Design Use the Form Designer to create your own forms.
Settings Settings Lets you change the top level settings for your form such as the Color Palette it uses. Example forms cannot be changed.
Delete Delete You can delete one of your own forms. This will delete the form itself and any associated responses. Example forms cannot be deleted.